Online Casinos Puerto Rico

Online casinos are popular almost all over the world, and Puerto Rico is not an exception! However, to make head or tail of gambling and make it entertaining and successful, the gambler has to know all the important nuances described in detail by CasinoAuditor in this objective and honest overview!

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Best Online Casino Puerto Rico

More seasoned gamblers of Puerto Rico may not want to read the whole overview because they are already aware of things. They will benefit from the list of the best online casinos for Puerto Rico below. Beginner punters, in turn, may take advantage of reading the whole review and paying attention to all crucial nuances!

The Complete Checklist for Puerto Rican Online Casinos

Every Puerto Rican online casino gambler should explore and evaluate every web betting platform they come across and consider for real money playing. While there are indeed many reliable, high quality sites out there, offering decent services, the reality is that there are also low quality or outright scammy websites that should be avoided at all costs.

The short list below highlights some of the aspects that have to be checked before considering an online casino for real money play.

  • legitimacy and certifications – every betting site has to have a relevant license, provide legal information about the owner, and preferably have certifications and seals of trust by independent parties, to prove its reputation online
  • banking – depositing and withdrawing must be quick, convenient, and safe. This is why banking methods and rules must be checked before even registering the account
  • games & providers – online casinos that have a poor games lobby backed by a handful of providers cannot be considered competitive (unless this is a site exclusively by a big software provider). The more providers and the more games there are, the more chances for a positive user experience
  • promotions – many wannabe gamblers are seduced by casino promotions, but not all promotions are good enough to be claimed. All Terms and Conditions applied to promotions should be read before claiming any promo.

How to Choose Best Online Casino Puerto Rico

Crucial Aspects For Puerto Rican Online Casino

Crucial AspectsOf course CasinoAuditor takes effort to find and assess all casinos online open for Puerto Rican gamblers. However, there are so many sites out there, and more sites open literally every month, that some sites may still go unresearched. This is why online gamblers should be able to evaluate all casino sites on their own. Even if there is a review by CasinoAuditor, or another reliable reviewing platform, casinos change their rules often. So, customers should be aware what to look for, and what a good casino looks like in the first place.

These are the things to look for:

  • Payments & local currency
  • Gambling Authority license
  • Honest bonuses
  • Adequate T&C
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Responsible Gambling

Local Currency

Payment methods should be considered by the potential customer even before they make their casino account. The reason why is because some sites may not allow changing the banking methods after they were chosen, or change the preferred currency, and this can result in poor consequences for the customer. Also, it is important to check what currencies are accepted.

Since in Puerto Rico, the official currency is the US dollar, finding a web site for betting is super easy, because almost every casino in the world accepts USD. However, the players should double-check for hidden currency exchange rules, commissions, fees, etc.

Gambling Authority License

Until recently, Puerto Rico had no own gambling authority. At the time of writing, the government has created the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission that will act as a regulator in the industry. However, for now it does not issue any licenses, so international egaming licenses for online casinos, like the ones by MGA, Kahnawake, UKGC, and others, are acceptable.

In other words, for now, casinos online for Puerto Rican players cannot acquire a legal local license, but they must be licensed by another relevant agency. Any license by any of these authorities is better than no license.

Honest Bonuses and T&C

Bonuses are something most players love, and T&C are something most players don’t want to read. However, both parts should be checked carefully, even if the bonuses seem irresistible, and T&C are very long. In fact, Terms and Conditions list all the rules that are applied by the casino site to the players’ sensitive data, funds, gambling, security, etc. T&C have to offer adequate conditions, and this is why this document has to be checked in full – some limitations or unfavourable rules can be hidden in the wall of text.

Bonuses, it turn, are often not what they seem to be; the conditions under which the bonuses can be granted are often a rip-off. Taking any bonuses without checking the rules applied means mostly flushing money in the toilet. If the bonuses are not fair, it is better to do without them.

How Can CasinoAuditor Reviews Help You?

While casinos online for Puerto Rico do follow certain general trends and these trends change overtime, each casino site – even sites run by the same operator – usually has different rules, conditions, bonuses, and games. To avoid boring, low quality, or scammy casinos, every site has to be explored thoroughly and its offers assessed. However, few gamblers have time and desire to conduct this inspection; and even fewer gamblers are ready to quit a big website that promises many games and bonuses if they are too bored with reading all the complicated rules.

This is where CasinoAuditor helps. Due to years spent in the industry, CasinoAuditor can quickly, effectively, and objectively assess casino sites, and offer the results of the assessment to casino players in a convenient form. This way, players can go and play on secure platforms, instead of spending their time browsing through endless casinos.

Online Casinos Laws in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a territory of the United States, therefore little surprise that gambling has been legal in the country since 1948. Offline gambling activities, including casino online games, lotteries, bingo, and horse racing, are allowed by the official legislation including.

Since 2019, Puerto Rico has legalized sports betting, including online sports betting and even fantasy sports.

As for online gambling, it was not regulated at all for a long time, and it was not legally banned, so the market actually began to flourish. At the time of writing, the government started a slow process of legalizing online gambling as well, but this process may take years. Besides being a tough and challenging task itself, online gambling legislation in Puerto Rico has to also be approved by the US government, making it all even more complicated.

Meanwhile, fans of online casino gambling in Puerto Rico are free to access any web platforms for gaming and betting for real money. The government does not block these sites, and does not persecute local punters for using them. All online casinos available for Puerto Ricans are offshore platforms, so their legitimacy, reputation, and safety have to be double-checked by the players.

How to Sign Up with Online Casino in Puerto Rico

Sign Up GuideSome wannabe casino players feel a bit intimidated by the very first step to be taken – the sign up process. However, sign up is usually very easy, quick, and does not require much effort. This short step by step guide below will lead inexperienced gamblers through the account registration process.

  1. check the bonus rules – if the player wants a No Deposit bonus offered by the site, or a Welcome bonus, they should check the bonus claiming rules first. Some bonuses are added automatically, some are added manually by the Customer Support. Some bonuses are added right after registration, some are deposit-based, or need a promo code to be claimed. This is why the player should know exactly at what moment of registration they need to claim the bonus, in order to get it
  2. confirm registration – after the player clicks Sign Up button and provides their login details, email, and country\currency, they will have to confirm account registration via email
  3. provide all details – after the registration is confirmed, the player needs to fill the account details, including real name, address, age, etc. They should also upload some documents, to prove their age and identity, and to enable account verification by Customer Support
  4. connect payment method – if the player gets a No Deposit bonus, they may connect their preferred banking method later, and start wagering the bonus right away, since no deposit is needed. If they do not want any bonus, or want a deposit-based bonus, they need to connect their preferred banking method on the Payments page
  5. claim bonus – usually, deposit-based bonuses are claimed after the deposit is made, but some may be claimed before, or the Customer Support has to be contacted early. So, the newly registered customer must pay attention to that aspect
  6. deposit – after the account is ready and all details are added, the player can make their first deposit and go play!

How to Deposit to Online Casino

How to DepositDepositing is not hard at all, and if beginner players feel a bit intimidated with this responsible action, the step by step guide below will show exactly what to do for a successful deposit.

  1. if you are ready to deposit it means you have already connected your preferred payment method to the casino account. However, please double-check whether this method is also available for withdrawal because some Puerto Rican casino sites only pay the winnings out to the same payment channel used previously by the customer for depositing. So, this is one thing to check early, and maybe change the payment method altogether
  2. double-check the minimum deposit accepted by the site, or, if you want a deposit-based bonus, the minimum deposit size eligible. If you deposit less, the site will not accept the payment
  3. go to the Banking\Payment page in the casino account and click Deposit
  4. choose the payment method
  5. indicate the sum you want to send to the casino site
  6. watch out for the bonus claiming procedure – different casinos have different methods of getting their bonuses, and some Claim Bonus buttons may appear anywhere in the process of depositing
  7. confirm the transaction with your preferred banking option
  8. wait for the deposit to arrive
  9. if you have no plans on taking the bonuses, you can start making real money bets on casino online games immediately after the deposit arrives to your casino balance
  10. if you have claimed the bonus, wait for the bonus to arrive to the bonus balance, and do not make any real money bets with your deposited money until you see the bonus is here. Otherwise, the bonus will immediately be forfeited
  11. now you can play for real money and win real cash that can be withdrawn!

How to Cash Out Your Winnings

How to WithdrawWithdrawal is probably the most anticipated part of the online casino gambling process, but it is also the trickiest part. Many beginner players often get disappointed because of long or delayed withdrawals, not being aware that most of the time, they just fail to follow all the casino rules.

The step by step instruction below will guide every punter through the withdrawal process to make it painless and effortless:

  1. one of the unobvious, but real reasons why many withdrawals fail is because the players do not read Terms and Conditions before they even deposit. Casino’s T&C list all the rules applied to banking, for example, that the site only pays withdrawals out to the same method used for depositing. Consequently, if the player’s deposit method does not fit for withdrawals (say, it is a prepaid voucher), the player cannot withdraw. So, number one rule for successful withdrawals is reading Bonus T&C and general T&C to be aware of all the rules
  2. the second rule of successful withdrawal is following all the rules found in the T&C when taking bonuses and playing games. If the player violates bonus conditions, they will not be able to withdraw any winnings eventually. If they play according to low risk strategies or violate other game playing rules, the casino can forfeit their winnings, as well.
  3. the third rule of successful withdrawal is double-check whether the withdrawal request is made in time and all requirements are met. Withdrawals must not be made with active bonus on account. If the account is not verified, withdrawals are impossible. If the amount requested for withdrawal is lower than minimum or higher than maximum per transaction, the withdrawal request will be rejected, etc.
  4. if you have taken any bonuses, make sure the wagering requirements for the bonus were met ‘if you have not taken any bonuses, make sure you have wagered your initial deposit at least 1-3 times
  5. go to the Banking\Payments page and click Withdraw
  6. choose the payment method
  7. indicate the sum you want to cash out
  8. confirm the withdrawal request
  9. wait for the casino to confirm the request (usually this takes around 72 hours)
  10. see the money arrives!

Fees and Taxes

Online Gambling TaxesAt the time of writing, online casino punters in Puerto Rico are not expected to pay taxes on whatever they win at online casinos. Businesses that offer gambling services in Puerto Rico already pay taxes to the government, and players who win jackpots in land based facilities also have their winnings subject to tax. However, casino online winnings are not yet subject to taxes.

Online Casinos Bonus Guide

Bonuses in online casinos are one of the major reasons why people are lured into real money gambling. But to really take advantage of real casino online bonuses, the players should be aware of how bonuses work and what they are. The short review below discusses the most popular bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome BonusWelcome Bonus is a deposit-based bonus, meaning it is granted only after making a deposit. Welcome Bonuses are usually match bonuses, that is, the players get sum in cash, matching to the size of deposit. Sometimes, some Free Spins are added to cash. All Welcome Bonuses are subject to wagering requirements.

High Roller Bonus

High Roller BonusHigh roller bonuses are rare, because they suggest higher than average deposits, and higher bets. At the same time, high roller bonuses also promise higher winnings in case the player is lucky. However, one should be careful when claiming a high roller bonus, because few casinos can afford those, and some may turn out scammy.

Free Spins

Free Spins BonusFree Spins is a very popular bonus in online casinos. These are spins granted for slot games; they are called free because the cost of the bet is paid for by the  real casino online site. Whatever the player wins belongs to the player. However, the Free Spins winnings are subject to the wagering requirements. Wagerless Free Spins are the most beneficial type of spins.

No Deposit or Sign Up Bonus

No Deposit BonusNo Deposit bonus means the customer does not have to deposit to get the promotion. Most often, these are Sign Up bonuses, granted as rewards for account registration. However, some sites offer No Deposit bonuses to regular customers, as well, as a reward for some activity on site. As a rule, No Dep bonus is Free Spins, and it is also subject to the wagering requirements.

Popular Payment Methods in Puerto Rican Casinos

As a territory of the United States, Puerto Rico’s official currency is the US dollar and it is accepted throughout the country. It is also a common currency option at internet gaming sites. Puerto Rican online gamblers that are looking for payment methods have fewer options than those in other jurisdictions.

Since Puerto Rico is the US territory and the US dollar is the country’s official currency, the majority of payment methods available in the US are also allowed in casino online Puerto Rico, and are accepted in online casinos. These payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Mint, Xoom, or casino online PayPal. Also, cryptocurrencies can be used for depositing, betting, and withdrawing.

Cryptocurrency Online Casinos

There are many online casinos targeting Puerto Rico that accept cryptocurrencies for depositing, betting, and withdrawing. Cryptocurrencies are very convenient for online gambling, as well as for the rest of online merchants, because they suggest fast, reliable, secure, and convenient payments.

While cryptocurrency casinos are still fewer than those accepting only fiat currencies, they can offer some more advantageous gambling conditions, like exclusive games, bigger bonuses, and higher maximum withdrawal limits. Moreover, cryptocurrency payment methods are completely casino online friendly.

Bitcoin Online Casino Puerto Rico

There are many cryptocurrencies out there, but Bitcoin is one of the first, one of the most convenient, one of the most potentially profitable, and therefore one of the most popular as an casino online payment method. Due to that, many crypto casinos offer bonuses specifically for Bitcoin, and not for other crypto coins, make exclusive BTC games, or count additional Comp Points for customers paying with BTC.

Popular Software Providers

Since Puerto Rican punters can play with the USD, and the country is the territory of the US, many globally famous casino online providers offer their games to casino online Puerto Rico. Some of the best providers that can be found include Microgaming, NetEnt, Authentic Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Playson, Playtech, Play’n GO, Vivo Gaming, and others.

Being aware of the software providers when choosing casino online games is important, because every provider usually specializes on certain types of games, its games have certain tech specs and features, etc. So it is better to first choose the provider, and then choose the game.

Online Casinos Games

To make real online casino gambling both entertaining and profitable, it is important to choose casino games wisely. There are games of chance and games of skill, and beginners should begin with games of chance. Next, there are games with high RTP rates and low house edge, or low RTP rates and high house edge, and it is better to choose the first type at all times. Below are some of the most popular real online casino games one can find in Puerto Rican Internet casinos.

Online Slots

Online SlotsSlots are a game of chance, they are easy to learn and easy to play. In slots, no previous experience or specific knowledge are needed. To win more in slots, one should choose games with a high RTP rate and lower house edge. The best paying slots are progressive jackpots, but these are not available everywhere.


Online RouletteRoulette is one of the most popular table games; some believe it is a game of skill, but it seems that this is mostly the game of chance. To play Roulette, one should be aware of the rules applied to different types of Roulettes, and know how to place bets on the table. However, winning or not winning is pure luck, and this is why Roulette is one of the easiest table games.


Online BlackjackBlackjack is another popular table game, this time a card game, and also a game of skill. Blackjack takes its roots in the history of casino gambling, and there are several types of Blackjack that can be found in land based and online casinos. To win at Blackjack, some practice and good knowledge of the rules are necessary.

Live Dealer

Live DealerLive Dealer is not a particular game, but a whole category of games – mostly table games and card games – which can be played at online casinos, but with a Live Dealer hosting the game in real time. Live Dealer Games follow the same table games rules, but they are more fun to play because the Dealers entertain the players and make a real show out of it. Live Dealer games still need some skill, because the Dealers do things fast and the players have to make decisions fast, as well.

Other Popular Casinos Games

Other Casino GamesThere are many other casino games out there, to suit every taste and budget. There are Video Pokers, Scratch cards, Wheel of Luck, Dice, Sic Bo, Keno, Bingo, Lotteries, and so on. In fact, the new customer at a web casino can try almost all the games out for free in the Demo mode – except Live Dealer games and progressive jackpots – before they start betting.

Puerto Rican Gamblers Ask

There are many decent online casinos for Puerto Rican gamblers out there, so it is hard to point out the bestest one without alternatives. However, the best casinos are licensed, certified, reputable, and provide many games and bonuses for real money entertainment.

The best paying games are those with high RTP rate and low house edge. These are usually slots and progressive jackpots. Among games of skill, Blackjacks and Pokers pay the best.

No, most casino sites do not allow using VPNs, and can block the account completely.

You should contact Customer Support first, and then the authority that issued the license for that particular casino.

The best casino bonuses are usually cashbacks, because they have low wagering requirements. Also, there are bonuses with no wagering at all, but these are rare.