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We analyze online casinos bit by bit.

There are many online casino sites out there, but not all casino sites are created equal - or rather, equally secure and reliable. To tell a good casino from a bad one, a comprehensive expert online casino review is often needed, and CasinoAuditor is here to provide the best online casino reviews.

World’s Best Online Casino Sites 2021

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How to find the best online casinos in different countries? Most online casino review sites focus on a couple of jurisdictions and that’s all. But not CasinoAuditor! On this platform, players will be able to find full guides on all countries where online gambling is popular and in demand. Check out the table of the best online casino sites above to choose those available in your jurisdiction!

What Makes CasinoAuditor’s Online Casino Reviews Special?

CasinoAuditor platform is one of the online casino reviewing sites making research, analysis, and evaluation of web casinos for the benefit of online gamblers. However, what makes CasinoAuditor stand out from the crowd of similar reviewing platforms? What makes CasinoAuditor online casino reviews special?

  • created by gambler for gamblers – compared to many other reviewing sites (not all, but many!), this platform was created by a real gambler with years of experience both in gambling, and as an employee in the gambling niche. And the mission behind CasinoAuditor is to make the world of online casino gambling more transparent, and safer for the players
  • educational mission – the main thing CasinoAuditor does is not reviewing casinos (while this is key!), but educating the readers why exactly this or that online casino is good vs bad, reliable vs unreliable, safe vs unsafe, fair vs unfair, and how to tell one from another.
  • meeting gamblers’ needs – the best online casino reviews by CasinoAuditor do not highlight online casino’s perks by concealing the pitfalls; instead, CasinoAuditor explains things gamblers want to know.
  • objective and unbiased casino assessments – every best casino online site is dissected and analyzed objectively, without any effort to make things look like they are not. All the flaws of each casino site are underlined and explained, along with all real perks.
  • dispelling online gambling myths – online gambling has a lot of myths around it, some of the myths simply silly, while other myths outright dangerous. CasinoAuditor addresses many of these myths and reveals the actual truth about this or that aspect of online gambling.

10 Steps on How To Choose an Online Casino Site

CasinoAuditor Lessons: 10 Steps on How To Choose an Online Casino Site

What Online Casino Sites We Review For Each Country

CasinoAuditor is not focused on one or two particular countries, but makes top online casino reviews on online casinos for many jurisdictions around the world, both with regulated and unregulated online gambling markets. Lots of work is done to span all types of casinos (or all types of gambling) available in the country, to give the local players a full picture of what is going on. Below is the list of the best online casino sites spanned by CasinoAuditor for every country researched.

Real Money Online Casinos

CasinoAuditor pays special attention to real money online casinos for every jurisdiction, in comparison to social casino sites. Social casinos are fun and entertaining, but since they do not suggest real money betting, they also have less risks and pitfalls for the players. Real money casinos, on the other hand, are richer in games and bonuses, offer lots of additional perks, but they also have way more risks and insecurities for the players. Therefore, it is CasinoAuditor’s direct mission to pay attention where it is truly needed, and review real money casino sites in the first place.

There are many different types and subtypes of online casinos, with different games and rules, and many players may feel lost in all this abundance where fraud can occasionally sneak in. However, with real money best casino online reviews by CasinoAuditor for each jurisdiction, the gamblers are able to find the safest sites for real money betting.

Mobile Online Casinos

Mobile gaming in general, and mobile casino gambling in particular continue gaining popularity; as a result, all competitive casino sites are mobile-compatible, or already offer their own mobile apps. However, what casinos do better in mobile compatibility than others? What apps are out there? Are top mobile casinos even safe? Most gamblers in many countries ask these questions, and CasinoAuditor answers.

Online casinos have to be mobile compatible in order to stay afloat, but the casino accesses via mobile device is the same site accessed from PC, and if the site is safe overall, its mobile version is also safe. Having a mobile app is even better, since they are faster and sleeker. CasinoAuditor overviews mobile gambling nuances, and gives lists of the best mobile casinos for every country reviewed. To avoid unsafe apps and untested betting sites, gamblers worldwide can take advantage of mobile casino lists provided by CasinoAuditor.

New Online Casinos

While older casino sites have already been reviewed by more than one reviewer previously, and gamblers can compare the best online casinos review if they want, the case is different with brand new online casinos. New online casino sites appear literally every month, and most of them are just too recent to be reviewed comprehensively by a reputable expert. They just float around in the online space, probably being unsafe and untested, luring in inexperienced players.

CasinoAuditor takes considerable effort to track down and quickly explore every new casinos online site that pops up in the niche for one of the countries. New online casinos are usually very attractive, because they want to get attention from gamblers around the world, preferably luring them from other older casino sites, promising huge bonuses or unprecedented playing conditions. However, due to CasinoAuditor prompt reaction, most players can quickly find out whether this or that recent casino is trustworthy, or is it better to avoid it at all costs.

Cryptocurrency Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency is the new black in the world of online gambling; more and more betting sites start accepting different cryptocurrencies for deposits, bets, and withdrawals, and software providers start making exclusive games to bet with crypto only. However, many gamblers wonder whether crypto is even allowed in their particular jurisdiction, whether there are banking options available for them to use crypto for online bets, whether the cryptocurrency casinos are safe, and how to choose the best crypto bonuses.

CasinoAuditor pays close attention to the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, together with online gambling industry trends. Crypto can be beneficial for web betting, but it can also be tricky to understand, and some casinos tend to use this issue to their advantage (and player’s disadvantage). However, CasinoAuditor provides not only lists of the most reliable best cryptocurrency online casinos for every jurisdiction it covers, but also explains perks, pitfalls, and nuances of crypto gambling in every particular case.

VIP Online Casinos

VIP online casinos are very attractive for gamblers, because they suggest high roller bonuses, bigger bets and wins, and exclusive perks usually unavailable at regular online casinos. However, the rule of thumb is that the higher the bets, and the more perks are offered, the higher the risks to stumble across a fraudulent site. So, online gamblers have to keep their eyes peeled, and with CasinoAuditor reviews, doing that is way easier. CasinoAuditor explores the VIP online casino sites landscape for every country covered, and explains why this or that site is trustworthy (or not!).

Things We Assess in Our Reviews

CasinoAuditor pays attention to even the smallest things in the online casino reviews, both advantages and disadvantages, to give the reader full picture on the site, and help them make an informed choice. However, there are several crucial aspects about online casinos and gambling that are always looked at in the first place, and that can eventually make or break the whole user experience. These aspects are listed below; online casino fans should check them out, as well, when they check another parlour site for real money betting.

Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are the aspect most players are interested in most of all. Everyone loves bonuses!

Online parlour bonuses can be No Deposit (that is, granted for a certain action or activity on the site), or deposit-based; they can be wagerless or subject to wagering requirements; they can be sticky or cashable; spins or cash; and so on. Online casinos constantly invent new types of bonuses, to attract the players and to beat the competitors. However, most gamblers – and this is especially true for newbies – can easily get lost in all this abundance of gifts and promotions.

Moreover, bonus rules can be quite tricky, and players from some countries can face completely different rules applied to the same bonus compared to players from other countries, at the same parlour site. Also, banking methods can play an important role in access to bonuses. Also also, some casino software providers do not allow players from certain countries access to their games. As you can see, there are lots of nuances.

CasinoAuditor does an exceptional job describing and explaining all types of casino bonuses out there. On this platform, online casino bonus reviews are not limited to just bonus description and efforts to advertise it; CasinoAuditor dives deep into the mechanics of every bonus and rules applied to it, to analyze and see whether this bonus is fair and beneficial for the player. Even a complete newbie will be able to comprehend the nature of parlour bonuses as described by CasinoAuditor, and learn to choose the most advantageous offers.

Online Casino Games

Casino games are the second most attractive thing people are after in online casinos, not counting the bonuses. At the time of writing, there are around 200+ online casino software providers on the international market, most of them having been in the niche for several years. Every software provider, on average, makes 1 new game per month, the biggest and most productive providers make around 5 new games per month. Is your head already spinning from the sheer number of casino games available in the niche?

Moreover, there are different categories of games, like Live Dealer games, Table Games, Progressive Jackpots, and they all have different designs, different rules, mechanics, and tech specs. Little wonder even experienced gamblers may feel dizzy diving into parlour lobbies with thousands of games, unsure what to choose and how.

Luckily, CasinoAuditor covers the number and types of games available in casinos reviewed, and explains how the games work, and how they should be played. Gamblers can educate themselves on the games, and decide whether the online casinos for real money in their jurisdiction are entertaining enough for real money betting.

Local Laws and Regulations

Local laws and regulations in every jurisdiction covered by CasinoAuditor are essential for assessment of the gambling niche, and for giving reasonable advice on gambling to local bettors. This is why CasinoAuditor pays the utmost attention to the market regulations on web betting, checks whether the market is totally regulated, partially regulated, unregulated, or totally prohibited legally.

Online betting fans can rest assured they will be informed about up-to-date rules and laws applied to online gambling in their countries. CasinoAuditor takes players’ safety seriously, and puts a lot of effort into exploring the real situation in every country covered. Even despite the fact that CasinoAuditor generally supports online gambling as a fun and somewhat profitable entertainment, it warns its readers directly about dangers or punishments probable in the countries where online gambling is illegal. CasinoAuditor does not promote any illegal activities in any jurisdiction it covers in its reviews.

Security and Safety

Security and safety of an online parlour are defined by the following aspects: license; reliable operator; positive online reputation; additional certifications; seals of trust by independent parties; software testing by independent parties; SSL certification for data encryption; safe banking; and so on. All these aspects are looked at closely in online casinos for different countries when explored by CasinoAuditor. Most gamblers just do not have time to spend looking at all those things, half of them being pretty technical, because they want to open a reliable parlour site and play their favourite casino games. CasinoAuditor does this for gamblers, covering all the safety and security issues.

Banking Methods

Fast, reliable, and convenient banking is one of the key aspects that eventually shape the casino customer’s experience. Banking methods should be available in the player’s country, be legal, casino-friendly, safe, reliable, and fast enough. There are a bunch of other nuances about online banking for web gambling, and these nuances are surely taken into consideration by the CasinoAuditor when assessing online casino platforms.

What Gamblers Ask

Yes! Most online parlours allow playing games for free, without the need to make a deposit, and often even without the need to register an account. This is done to enable the potential customers to check out the rules and quality of the games offered. No real cash can be won in this Demo playing mode, but playing for fun is usually unlimited.

Yes! There are three main prerequisites for profitable gambling and winning real cash. Firstly, to choose a reliable and fair casino site that pays winnings out to its customers. Secondly, to choose games with high RTP rates and other tech specs that give higher odds. And thirdly, most times, the player just needs to be lucky.

No! Using VPN is never recommended for real money gambling at online casinos, and never believe those telling you VPN is a good option or even a must-have. Casino’s Customer Support will sooner or later find out that the player is using VPN software and is probably located not in the country indicated in the account; as soon as the Customer Support finds that out, the account will be blocked immediately. If you cannot play at a certain parlour site because of your location, better look for a betting site that accepts players from your country, or find a different entertainment altogether. Do not waste your time registering casino accounts through VPN, as they will be blocked.

That depends. If the casino site or app is licensed, certified, tested, and offers licensed and tested Provably Fair gaming products, you can be sure that the games are fair.

As a rule, the main requirement for most VIP casinos is making higher deposits and bets compared to regular online parlours, in order to get higher wins and exclusive perks. Check out minimum deposits and bets accepted at a VIP parlour you like, and if you can afford those, you will most likely be accepted.