About CasinoAuditor Project

Casino Auditor is my project for reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating online casinos for different countries. I have created it in order to continue working in the niche I like, and know, and at the same time, to try and make this niche more transparent for the players and for other businesses. Unfortunately, my best bet is to remain incognito, in order to protect my website, and also ensure cybersecurity for myself. My story as an employee in one of the big companies explains why I have to act like that.

Why The Main Contributor Remains Incognito

I have been working in the niche of online gambling and sports betting for a bit more than 11 years. Of course I can’t indicate the company I’ve been an employee to, for obvious reasons, but we also partnered with many rich online casinos, made paid reviews for them, and created positive reputation in the web for them. It was the time when no one knew SEO or SMM, so creating a good online reputation was easy and hard at the same time.

We did paid reviews, paid feedback on forums, faked success stories, etc., and the team never cared whether the casino was good or bad, or whether it even used to steal the users’ data and sell it to the third parties, or if it used to send spam or hack users’ accounts. Generally, the scammier the casino was, the more it paid for good reviews, and the better reputation we tried to create for it, to lure in more people.

There were all kinds or fraudulent schemes our company created together with some betting platforms, helping them to make more people register and deposit, and then take people’s money and disappear. With time, our company created a special “department” for such fraudulent operations. Working with scam schemes became harder, because Internet safety and security constantly improved, licensing bodies started double-checking the niche and reporting suspicious cases, and many countries updated and enforced their gambling legislation. The company started hiring lawyers and hackers to continue partnering with scammy casinos, and this is where my personal patience ended when all departments in the company were transformed to work purely with fraudulent schemes.

Despite the fact I loved my work as a casino expert and analyst, I left this company behind, but suddenly, I found out no other company in this industry wants to hire me. Firstly, they did not want to have problems with my previous bosses, and secondly, these other companies were never sure whether I was really looking for a job, or whether I was a spy sent by my bosses because mostly, everyone in the niche used to play dirty.

So, nothing really remained for me but to become self-employed and start working in the online gambling niche on my own. But I remain incognito, for the sake of cybersecurity, and in order to be able to freely tell things, I want to tell about casinos, online gambling, and the online gambling industry in general.

Now you know my story.

My Mission, Vision, and Values

I am not a very passionate gambler, to be honest, I am more passionate about mechanics and concepts, and technologies behind online casino games, rather than I love playing myself. I also like working in this niche, because I know it well.

However, I’m sick and tired of all the nonsense and fraud and fine-printing the rules that I see almost all over the place with online gambling. Yes, gambling is about risk of losing money, but gambling must not be about fooling people and taking their money no matter what.

This is why my mission, vision, and values, if we can put it that way – to share my own knowledge and experience about gambling, to analyze and expose the concepts behind online gaming, and to warn people when I see potential fraud. I would also like to make this niche more honest, fair, and transparent – both for people and for other businesses, too. But doing so is impossible without telling the truth, and in my case, telling the truth is almost only possible by remaining incognito.

So, if you’d like some objective and honest information about gambling sites, you’re most likely to find it here.

Best Regards,
your Casino Auditor